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Vanished blog posts (visible from iPhone)

  1. All posts on my blog have abruptly disappeared - when I view it on Safari on my computer. They are still visible when I view them from my iPhone.

    I did not change any settings between making the most recent post and the problem starting. I did post the link to the most recent post on a few sites.

    Does anyone know how to fix this?

    The blog is:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I've just posted the same problem and it seems that we both use the same template. Maybe that is the culprit.

  3. wordsweneversaid

    My posts have vanished as well - others can read them but I can not see them at all.

    My blog is:

    I would also like to know how I may fix this.

    (thank you for any help available)

  4. The theme I use is "Connections" by Patricia Müller - the same problem. Is there someone from WP going to explain?

  5. @slovoborstvo

    that's the one.

  6. I've changed the theme and it's ok with the new one.But I hope they'll fix the problem and we'll be able to use the old one...

  7. wordsweneversaid

    I use the theme 'black-letterhead' - anyone have trouble with that one?

  8. Mine is Connections too.

  9. I have modlooked this and the other thread about this issue: it appears that both black-letterhead and connections are suffering the same bug. We can hope that staff will soon be addressing the problem.

  10. wordsweneversaid

    To 1tess :

    Oh thank you - small panic here when I saw everything I have worked on drop off the face of the earth...

  11. Yes, it would be quite a shock to wake up to! I've contacted staff so we will hope they fix this quickly.

  12. wordsweneversaid

    I see it all again - thank you so very much for helping!

  13. It's working again - thanks!!

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