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Vanished CSS

  1. greatwarfiction

    I purchased a CSS upgrade a couple of months back and adjusted the look of my blog the way I wanted it.

    So today I'm surprised to find my pages are in plain vanilla Sandbox style, without the colours I specified, and without the header image or margins.

    The odd thing is that the CSS code is still there in the CSS Stylesheet editor - but the system is taking no notice of it.

    Has anyone any idea about what's happening?

  2. We'll look at that and fix it - sorry!

  3. I woke up to the same issue.

  4. Yup, exact same thing here. No idea what's going on though. Crossing my fingers and hoping it's just a temporary bug.

  5. Same thing here.

  6. Here too...

  7. Yup, same with me, CSS isn't being loaded. I checked to make sure the CSS hadn't disappeared--it's still there, intact, under the Presentation tab, and I saved it again, just to be sure, but the site is completely devoid of all the CSS adjustments I made to it.

  8. Ack! where'd all my hard work go????

    I trust the gurus at WordPress....I trust the gurus at WordPress...I trust the gurus at WordPress....

  9. It's fixed again, sorry for scaring you!

  10. greatwarfiction

    As the first person to post about this problem, I should now report that it is resolved - for me, anyway. I posted feedback, and the kind people in the technical department sorted things out. Thanks.

  11. I just checked my blog and everything is fine now.

  12. Given my earlier problems with this feature, I can't help but be a tad concerned about its relative flakiness..perhaps there's a stabler way to implement it?

  13. thank you!

  14. Fixed here, too. Thanks!

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