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vanishing backslashes in LaTeX

  1. Just this morning a lot of my LaTeX formulas have lost their backslashes. A formula that I wrote, starting "\displaystyle\sum\limits" now starts "displaystylesumlimits". Characters like "\alpha" have become "alpha".

    Is this a WordPress bug, or is it possible my account has been compromised? To test the latter, is there a way to tell when a given post has been edited, because some of these it should have been months since I touched them.

  2. I doubt it was your account being compromised. If no one that knows responds here, maybe send a support request into staff:


  3. This happened to me as well. I just sent a message to the support people, and I changed my password just in case. But since I am not the only one with the glitch, I'm assuming it wasn't a hacker.


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