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    Why do my images disappear from some posts days or weeks after I’ve put them up? What can I do about it?

    The blog I need help with is


    We need a link to a place where this has/is happening in order to check things out.



    I’m having the same problem with some of my inserted photos as well. It was even happening as I was writing a post.

    The first image in my latest published post is missing as are some in earlier posts.



    First off since your blog is quite image intensive, my suggestion is to set your blog to display only 3 posts per page (settings > reading). If your internet connection is a little slow at times there can be timeout issues especially when you have so many images.

    I see all the images on your main page just fine.



    Hello. Something similar is happening to me, too. Some images seem to have “disappeared” from my posts. In fact, they’re still there, but they are not being exhibited by the browser… however, they are in my media library. It is possible to see these images through their link, but they are not being displayed by the blog. Anyway, I have tried to see these posts in different browsers, but it didn’t work.

    After reading your advice, thesacredpath, it seems to make sense. I’m having some troubles with my computer memory… Apparently, my RAM memory seems to be not enough to process data. I will try to reduce the number of posts being displayed to 2 or 3. I hope it works. Thank you.



    Oh, another curiosity: I’m having problems with posts with 3 or more images.


    Clear your browser cache and then force reload the page. Some browsers will hang onto and use cached image files tenaciously – IE for one. On one of my blogs images went missing and I cleared by browser cache and force reloaded the page and they came back.



    Unfortunatly, it doesn’t work. I have cleared the cache of both browsers – Firefox and IE – but the error seems to persist I really think it has to do with the computer’s memory size (Virtual? Low memory, maybe?) Well, in fact, I have 512 MB of RAM memory size, what is not that low… but since I have formatted my computer, I’m encountering errors.

    On the other hand, at least people say that the images are loading normally.

    the sacredpath, thank you for your help!


    @vertebrado, You’re welcome. If you had provided a link to your blog, we could have taken a look.



    Oh, I’m only encountering errors in posts with many images, such as this one: .



    That post and its images load fine for me.

    Whatever the problem is, it seems to be confined to your computer.


    @vertebrado, I’m seeing the images fine as well.



    This problem started for me yesterday. Symptoms are:

    1. Image does not appear in post. An invisible box is there, sometimes with the name of the image file. The box acts just like a normal image link and takes you to the correct image.

    2. Image will not hold correct position both in editing and in the final published post.

    3. Problem is very inconsistent. I have tried resizing and realigning the image, etc. It will appear correctly, but will be wrong the next time I load the page. I have tried it in FF and IE.

    4. Problem does not seem to affect images posted before Aug 2.

    I have posted screenshots showing the incorrect position problem here:\

    I do not have a screenshot of the invisible image problem yet. If it shows up again, I will add it to this page.

    It is very easy to see this problem but I have not found a way to reproduce it consistently. Clearing the cache and reloading the page, logging out, exiting the browser, etc. do not solve it. My suspicion is that it is a bug.

    Hope this helps, gang



    All of your images loaded just fine for me, so I have no suggestions other than to contact staff directly and report it. Doesn’t look like you’re the only one with image problems lately that are intermittent.


    It is I think a code issue.

    First off, go to settings > writing and select “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically” and then click save changes.

    On your latest post, there is a position: absolute; declaration, and that should be taken out. This is the code you have for your image:

    <a href="" style="position: absolute;">
    <img class="alignleft size-medium wp-image-1611" width="200" height="300" alt="baucus" src="" title="baucus"/>

    Remove the style="position:absolute;" from the href section.


    It is that way in these two posts:

    If you are adding the position absolute, don’t do that. If you use that property and value, the image will not retain its proper relationship to the rest of the elements in the post.

    From W3C:

    Generates an absolutely positioned element, positioned relative to its containing block. The element’s position is specified with the “left”, “top”, “right”, and “bottom” properties.



    I have changed the XHTML setting but it isn’t showing any improvement–yet.

    I tried several times yesterday to delete the style=”position:absolute;” since it looked incorrect to me, but it is being inserted by WP. If I delete it it just reappears.



    That should definitely be reported.


    I just switched to the journalist, inserted three images and it never put “position:absolute;” into the code. I even inserted your image into my post and no position:absolute;

    You can see it here: .

    I even took your code, with the position absolute in it, pasted it into the HTML tab in my post, removed the position:absolute; and then saved and it did not put it back in.



    To make sure I wasn’t completely crazy I just tried it again. I removed the position:absolute on the image edit screen advanced tab. It reappeared. I then edited the HTML directly. It reappeared. And the image is still overlying the text on the edit screen and the post itself.

    Any idea what the source of this could be? How could something on my end be inserting styles into WP?

    In any case, I’m off to bed (no doubt to have strange dreams about poorly-nested XHTML)


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