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Vanishing Images

  1. robertakedzierski

    Sorry, forgot to add the URL for the story as it appears as a Google web-page:

    Thx again.

  2. The images are still linked to your gmail account, and wordpress cannot access those. This is the link to the first image in the page linked above: which is the same.

    You CANNOT link to images that are in your gmail account.

  3. This is what I see when I go to that google docs page: .

    Why? Because I don't have your username and password to your google account.

  4. This is for the first two queries in this thread (not you TSP). I re-post a lot of funny emails sent to my gmail account, and it can be a chore to duplicate the formatting of the original email. Early on I tried pasting directly from the open email into the visual post editor. This seemed to save me the trouble of uploading the images to WP, but I discovered later that they had disappeared from my post once I deleted the original email! I have no idea what would happen if I hadn't deleted the email, I simply don't try to shortcut the process any more.

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