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    Hello there. My name is Victoria. I’m thinking of purchasing the Vantage them by Apps Themes. I want to create a directory for mental health organizations and support groups. I plan on charging a fee and for advertising on the site. My question is, Can I do this using my account? Is there any changes that I will need to make to my existing account so that I can properly run my site? Before I purchase it do I create a new blog for it or can I put it on my main blog, Sorry for the beginner questions. The technical terms on here confuse me. I am clearly self taught. lol

    Thank you for all your support and any information you can provide.

    The blog I need help with is



    Yes you can. BUT I have to tell you, I have purchased this theme and it was a real let-down. If you have ever run a directory website before, one the MOST important features is recurring billing. If you don’t have that, every time an ad expires, you’ll have to try and get payment. You end up losing as many ads as you gain, not to mention all the time and effort to get them to make the decision to sign up each time their ad expires.

    Almost every one of their customers has been asking them to implement this feature forever and they pretty much ignore everyone. Which is just one indication of how bad their support is. Your support questions usually go unanswered for days then they respond to your question with a question.

    I had high hopes for this theme but was really let down. They could be a GREAT theme if they cared about their customers and gave better support. I bought the theme and simply can’t use it. I am looking forward to the day that I can because it looks nice and some of the features are great.



    Uh, actually that’s not the answer.

    The answer is: No, you cannot do this on a blog.

    You cannot add external themes to a blog at all.

    You cannot charge for ads or listings on a blog.

    You will need to leave, find a paid host elsewhere, install software from, install a theme, register for ad programs, install plugins, and then away you go.



    Oy. Missed the whole thing. I host my own sites and have never used for that. Sorry.

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