Variations on Theme Looks — or a good assortment of wp blogs for viewing?

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    Sometimes a theme is barely recognizable when seen as someone’s blog. They’ve done it up differently than anything I’ve seen or imagined before.

    The same theme can look very different in different cases, and one doesn’t always get a good sense of the possibilities without seeing several different examples first.

    So what I’m after in this thread is some way to view a wider range of samples, in order to see better what can be done with a given theme. There is a wider range of possibilities than the sample previews give a feeling for.

    *I’m trying to get a better sense of the possible variations and looks.*

    Is there some way of (1) seeing a set of good blogs for a given theme (perhaps the designer of the theme has such a set for viewing, in some cases at least?)?, or (2) just viewing a list or set of blogs (a wide variety of them), and then noting the theme on a case by case basis.

    In (1), blogs would be viewed by theme; in (2) they would just be viewed, and the theme would be determined later, or recognized.

    If anyone has other ideas or suggestions on how to get a better feel for the possibilities of given themes, please feel free to post them.


    #2 is your best bet. Also, check out the Sandbox themes. They were designed specifically with CSS designers in mind and you can do a lot with them!


    Here’s a nice example of Custom CSS on the Digg 3 Column theme:
    Erikoispuhdistus paikan päällä



    I was interested in reviewing different themes too so I typed in the name of the theme I wanted to look at in the forum search box. It took a bit of time but I scrolled through the discussion threads and checked out quite a few blogs with the same theme. Was worth it but you are right, the same theme can look so different on so many blogs.



    I don’t use the forum searchbox. Google delivers relevant results much faster so I have a tab open at all times. :)

    Example search string: Tarski



    oh wow I never thought to use Google I will definitely remember that!!

    Just tried Its so much easier LOL

    Im giving tt the smart cookie award <3



    Thank you for the responses so far.

    CSS customization is certainly of interest to me, and if anyone has any further suggestions along those lines, please feel free to post.

    What about non-CSS ‘customization’? Even without CSS, a lot can be done — quite a bit of variation is still possible, with some of the themes at least. (I suppose a similar Google search, but without the “css-customization” part added would probably turn something up? Or maybe there are other words that should be added?)



    non CSS customization:
    The Vigilance theme has several customization options. They include custom header, Alert Box, background colors that can be changes, border colors and link and link hover colors that can be changed.
    You will see them on my blog. In addition I use some extras you will find here.
    While you are on that blog note that there reviews of all the features of all the themes.



    @tt that is indeed a great resource:

    @rhg, are there particular themes you’re interested in, or a particular look you’re trying to get for your blog? Or are you trying to get a more general grasp of what can be done to customize themes at

    You make me imagine a virtual gallery of customized themes, with a room for each theme. Such a gallery could be constructed, but I’m not sure how many visitors it would get.

    Andrew, willing to donate to the Simpla room, which would be in the clean white wing of the museum.



    A more general grasp of the range of possibilities.

    Also hoping to find some possibilities that catch my eye or my fancy, or start some new glimmers gleaming and wheels turning.

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