Various customizations need for Manifest theme

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    Greetings all,

    I have recently set up a blog but I am unfamiliar with CSS code. There are various things I would like to change but, if it is permissible, I would prefer to go through them one at a time.

    The first things I would like changing is the title (‘Kin and Ink’) above the image-header. I don’t want it to appear twice on my page. However, when I delete the ‘Site Title’ in ‘General Settings’ my website simply reads ‘’ on my Firefox tabs. Is there a way of removing the uppermost ‘Kin & Ink’ whilst retaining the title in my tabs? I’m terribly sorry if I have explained this poorly.

    The blog I need help with is


    Do you know where to put your CSS? If not, read this support document:

    If so try this:
    #site-title {display: none}

    This should keep your site title from displaying on your page. It will allow your other elements to move up into that space. I think it will still show up on your tab, but cannot check it out at this time. Report back and let us know if successful or if we need to do more work.



    Thank you very much; that was very successful.

    The second thing I would like to be done is a particular background image. I want a single image that covers the entire screen behind the central block and its blue border. I do not want it to ‘move’ as I scroll down the screen and I don’t want the image to ‘repeat’ either. Would the image need to be of a particular size?


    I don’t know much about background images. This post
    may have some clues, if I were on a computer where I could experiment, I would fiddle with those recommendations, but I am not.

    Maybe you have another one that I could tackle and either someone else help you on that one or you can post it as a separate request if not.


    Ooh, wait, maybe this answers your question?
    body {
    background:url('') repeat;

    Anyway, you could try those 2 options if you are experimental.


    Use your own URL, didn’t mean to paste what someone else used.


    There may be an easier way to do this background image. When I go to my dashboard I get a menu item that says Customize and it leads to a place where I can choose colors and backgrounds and can put in the URL for my background image. Read this support document about it:

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