Various issues noticed over time

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    After using WP for a good 14 months, I’ve noticed certain issues and although I’ve found ways to go around them…I’m thinking it’s time to seek Support. In case it is of importance, I use Kubrick.

    1. Posting an image

    When I upload an image, after the progress bar has completed, that’s usually when I press ‘Insert to post’ (insert ‘something or other’, I forget the exact wording). Every once in awhile, the image ends up in my image gallery and the upload image window doesn’t close (as it would if the image was actually inserted into the post). From the image gallery, I can view the images I’ve uploaded but there’s actually no button to post those images from the image gallery. A bit strange, as one should have access to and control of their own images in their own image gallery. My solution is to reupload the image and try again, which works.

    2. Hitting return and nothing happens

    This is within the last 2 months or so, but 20% of the time when I hit the return button (usually after I’ve hyperlinked something) in order to continue writing a post, nothing happens (more space is not created to start a new paragraph. On the other hand, when I go into HTML view, I can see something did happen because it shows that the hyperlink has been repeated as many times as I’ve hit return on the Visual view (yet on the Visual view, there aren’t two or more hyperlinks). My solution is to delete the extra hyperlink(s) in HTML view and continue with my post in HTML view. After I’ve written anything post-hyperlink in HTML view, then I can go back to Visual view and keep writing the post.

    3. Unlinking hyperlinks

    This has occurred since the beginning. When I cut and paste some info from Wikipedia, for example, there are usually hyperlinks that get transferred over. Upon selecting an entire passage (in order to get rid of more than one hyperlink at a time) and select the unlink button in the editing toolbox, sometimes the unlinking will cause the linked word to combine with the previous word (ex, The dog becomes Thedog, assuming ‘dog’ was hyperlinked). My solution is to manually fix it and create a space with the spacebar.

    4. Adding a new category

    The majority of the time when I need to add a new category, upon pressing ‘add’, about half of all of my categories become highlighted in light yellow and they become repeated within the category box. Upon hitting publish, everything is fine. Just thought it is a bit strange, that’s all.

    5. Missing post

    This just happened once and quite recently, but I needed to retreive info on a post I had done 6 months prior and upon searching for it, it was nowhere to be found. Google had a reference to it but upon clicking the link, it brought me to my blog where it just said something like “404 – post not found”. My solution was to rewrite the post to the best of my recollection.

    6. Strange spacing

    Every once in awhile, one line of any random post I’ve done will have extra spacing, as if I was writing like this. Other times, the spacing will make a sentence be cut off and pushed to the next line. My solution with the first spacing issue is nothing (I’ve tried to fix it but to no avail). For the second spacing issue, my solution is to open up my simple text editor on my computer and remove ‘rich text’, therefore making it plain text. Then I copy that and paste it to my blog again and the sentence won’t be cut off anymore.

    Well, that’s all I can think of. I hope I’m not alone in experiencing these things so someone can give me some tips. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is



    oops, in number 6, “writing like this” is supposed to be widely spaced. I guess it didn’t take.

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