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Various link/hover colors

  1. Hi, I'm working on and I need the sidebar links set up in one color with speciifc rollover states, the headline as another seperate css style and the content another. I can only seem to chage all of nothing. When I try and set the css style for just the sidebar (for instance) it's ignored and doesn't work.

    Any suggestions?

  2. Have you paid for the CSS upgrade?

  3. I should be specific - I'm trying to adjust the link and hover state - that's all

  4. Please answer devblog's question.
    Have you paid for the css customization upgrade on the blog in question or not?

  5. YES - all that's done - just can't seem to get the link style to work on the individual styles

  6. I'm assuming you've tried something like this:

    div.sidebar a{
       color: #0ff;
    div.sidebar a:hover{
       color: #0f0;

    If you have but your changes still don't get saved, contact support at this domain. Other than that, the definitions in the above sample should work.

  7. By the way, when you say 'individual styles' are you trying to link different style sheets to your theme? AFAIK, you can't do that. You can break your CSS into sections separated by commented titles (i.e. /* SIDEBAR STUFF */) but not have individual style sheets for every section of your theme.

  8. No - the code you posted is what I'm trying to do. I'd like the side bar link to be a different color and different rollover state. I'll try your code... maybe I had a typo in my previous attempts. I'm notorious for typos. Thanks for your help.

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