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    I require inputs to make the following changes in my site ( which is created in using Hatch theme

    1. How to remove the menu name that appears on each page e.g. On the Home page, ‘Home’ is written on the top of the page, and so on.

    2. How to remove existing comments from each page. The following menu items viz Home, Travel & Portfolio are Pages (and not Posts, categories etc). I have disabled new comments from these pages, but would also like to remove (or hide) comments entered in the past, how do I do that?

    3. Slideshow/ animation: I’d like to know if there is a way to create slideshow similar to this site: I find WP’s default animation (I’ve created it under my Portfolio menu), very unattractive (most of the space is anyways taken by the grey border surrounding images).
    – Is it possible to create a full page self loading slideshow?
    -Is it possible to create a slideshow larger in size than the one on my Portfolio page?
    -What other slideshow options are available in WP?

    The blog I need help with is



    Is your site a self-hosted site or a site.

    Answers to your questions:

    Question 1 is impossible to do on a site.

    Question 2 is possible if you scroll down to the bottom of each page and select “Disable or Closed Comments”



    1) change themes. Most themes do not label the home page “Home.” Additionally, Some themes allow you to make posts in the Aside format, which does not display a title at all (although this is bad for SEO). You can then link to them using a custom menu if you want them in a tabbed header.

    2) You will have to Edit each existing post and disable comments there. To prevent comments on future posts, go to Settings->Discussion and disable them there.

    3) Not as far as I am aware. We can’t use javascript or iframes here. You could try Slideshare and see if you like that, or the Flickr slideshow



    Like stated above you can not achieve your goal in question number 3.



    Re 1, see the trick I’m explaining here (near the end of the post – “Tabs for pages but no page titles on the actual pages”):

    Re 3, you can insert any 3rd-party slideshow that provides a flash embed code. For examples see here:

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