Various problems related to HTTPS widget page workaround

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    The “solved” widget page problem, with an improvised workaround using HTTPS instead of HTTP, has left several other problems open. I’d like to get some attention for this. I feel that instead of this workaround, WordPress should implement a more structural solution asap. If only because otherwise, new users will keep running into the same old broken widget page problem and lose a lot of time before finding the workaround.

    Indications there are still unsolved structural problems:

    (1) Since using the HTTPS workaround for the WordPress admin pages, all my browsers on all my devices keep flooding me with warning screens about non-matching WordPress certificates. This happens for example when from a post edit page I try to open a post preview page.
    (2) Since using the HTTPS workaround, most WordPress admin pages work painstakingly slow. Just now (on my fast desktop PC with a fast DSL line) on my main Dashboard page clicking a menu item took a full eight seconds to get any reaction at all, and several more seconds for the new page to render completely.
    (3) My WordPress login page works, but still looks very weird and messed-up (will post a screenshot if you need one). I guess this is because the HTTPS workaround works only after login, so it won’t work for the login page itself.

    I think all these things are related, and I want to (kindly) ask you WordPress people to find and install a real solution for all this, instead of the improvised HTTPS workaround. Thanks!
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    1. Make sure that you have third-party cookies enabled:

    2. As HTTPS is more secure than HTTP, browsers do not cache page data. It’s not necessarily loading slower, but it’s not being drawn from your browser’s cache. This is how browsers operate, and there’s really nothing we can do about it.

    3. Do you have any trouble if you log in at ?

    The HTTPS work-around is of course not the ideal solution, and we are working on that, but for now it’s the only way to get it to work.

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