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Vegan cooking. amazing food cruelty free

  1. this is not us lecturing people who do eat meat or use dairy products, it is simply us spreading the word that you can create amazing food without such things, we have not had our wordpress long but look forward to updating it with some amazing recipes we will have tried and tested and reviewed. we would appreciate it if you told us what you think. or helped us spread the word.
    many thanks Ed & Rhianna

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Great! And so you are especially concerned about the rights of the *workers* that harvest your vegetables and fruits too, right?

  3. of course, I care about the rights of humans and animals. If you eat meat, you should be concerned about the rights of the workers that harvest the vegetables and grains that feed the animals, on top of that the rights AND conditions of the workers exploited in abattoirs. If it takes 10kg of vegetable protein to make 1kg of animal protein I could comfortably say that eating a vegan based diet is less wasteful and therefore exploits far less workers in the process. It is unfortunate that we live in a society were things are not perfect but I believe we can all make small steps towards better living. This of course includes aiming towards a more vegetable based diet, buying ethical produce, organic, growing your own veg, etc. My main concern, and it may be different for others than it is for me and im not here to argue that, is for animals who don't have a voice or a say in what they are being used for. The way THEY are treated, slaughtered and completely USED and received absolutely ZERO compensation for it. This blog is to help those who want to bake delicious food that is made without the use of animals.

  4. It's funny nessy, how when someone like yourself doesn't even preach but happens to mention that you're a vegan, makes someone like membracid feel instantly threatened or defensive or heavens knows what, making them feel like they have to prove some kind of flaw in your choices.

  5. i agree xx

  6. People are more inclined to jump on you when you post the same thing more than once.

  7. But, but ... think of the poor vegetables!

  8. Yeah, it was the multiple threads that set me off.

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