Venture Theme: Make Header Images Scale on Mobile

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    Hi, I was wondering is there a way to make header images scale for mobile devices in the Venture theme? I need the header/slider on the home page to scale, as well as the headers on all my other pages.

    The site in question is:

    Thanks very much for all of your help!

    The blog I need help with is



    Sliders on your website are fully responsive and are working they are intended to even on the mobile device, what is bothering you?


    @sscssite2017, the slider on the main page in Venture is set to cover the entire height of the screen/window/viewport, and in order to do that, the full image cannot be kept entirely visible on all screens. I’ve tried a couple of things to get things looking better, and this is about the best I can do. Make sure and test on phones and tablets in both orientations. As you will notice, on phones, the text you have over the images becomes almost unreadable. The black band at the bottom, I’m having problems getting rid of. Also, keep your images all the same height. The one with the blue-ish grid of images within it is not as tall as the others, so there is a taller black band on that one.

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