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veoh support

  1. I made a search on veoh support and since I didn't find anything...

    I'd like to suggest to add Veoh support to the video plugin so that it'll work like youtube does:



  2. @devblog
    Could you please explain why you want this particular one added?

  3. Timethief,

    Because it's a nice alternative to youtube and, obviously, because I'd like to use it on my blog. I think it'd be nice to have this option too.

  4. Do they allow for embed's? I'm not seeing anything listed for it. I see where they allow for cross posting over to Goole and Youtube...

  5. Never mind I see it.

    <humour>devblog must want videos like this one ;)</humour>

  6. ***big laugh***

    Exactly, drmike. How did you know? :D

  7. Please implement this one. I'm a Veoh user. It's forcing me to switch to blogger because it supports Veoh's code. It's just like Youtube and they also allow video embed. Here is a sample of their embed code:

    <br /> <embed src="" width="540" height="438" bgcolor="#000000" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage=""></embed><br/><a href="">Online Videos by</a><br />

    You can find this code at the lower-right side of the page.

  8. Best bet would be to suggest this feature via feedback on monday morning.

    Gotta admit though that if you're taking video support over security and the other features that wp has and blogger doesn't, you may want to think about it.

  9. But what ADVANTAGES does it have over YouTube? If it's the same video quality and all, I can't see a compelling reason to add it in. Revver at least shares revenue with the person who uploads the video, which in my mind is a serious reason to consider it. If veoh essentially just duplicates the YouTube service, it hardly makes sense to approve it. What does veoh do that YouTube doesn't?

  10. To me, the quality looks better and allows for larger files. The larger files would be a big help as Youtube seems to cut out at 10 minutes per file.

    The viewer looks more professional as well.

    Um, go check out the Site that Must Not Be Named for an example. I, um, couldn't resist those cheerleaders. :) :whistle:

  11. Nobody can resist a cheerleader. Or so Debbie tells me.

  12. @raincoaster

    Youtube is compressing the video too much for faster streaming and sacrficing the video quality. It doesn't allow you to download the video your watching. It also limits each video upload within 10 minutes/100MB. While Veoh streams the video in it's original quality, It's available for download and has virtually no upload limits. The veoh player looks cool too and doesn't stick their logo at the lower right side of the video when embedded.

    It's not just a Youtube copy, it's actually better.

  13. Another thing is it seems like Youtube is mucking up the timing on a lot of its videos. The mouths don't match up with what's being heard.

  14. If veoh essentially just duplicates the YouTube service, it hardly makes sense to approve it.

    How about GoogleVideo and DailyMotion? They offer a service like YouTube and they're supported. Why not have Veoh as well? Like I said before, it'd be nice to have one more option to choose from.

    Drmike and rolandgalicio have already pointed out some of the advantages this service has that make it a slick (and better) alternative to YouTube.

    Revver at least shares revenue with the person who uploads the video

    Well, with Veoh you can make money too. If you're a producer, you can apply for a PRO membership (which is free) and charge for your videos, like pay-per-view.

  15. The money generating bit may be what's holding it back considing the policy on adverts.

  16. I am in support for Veoh. I just found it the other day but I think it surpasses youtube.

  17. Hope you send in a feedback on Monday with this request.

  18. Please, please, please support VEOH!!
    A lot of ppl are using it!


    ps: and yes, I'm using it, because I can upload ANY video with ANY lenght and ANY size, and it indeed looks more professional!

  19. I haven't used Veoh, but am more inclined to support them given that they are fighting back against UMG and their lawyers:

  20. Well, it would be great to have Veoh here on After all, we already have Daily Motion besides U2be and Googlevideo, and Veoh is just as good (to say the least).

  21. Have you tried the brand spanking new vodpod/ WordPress/ Firefox browser extension? Theoretically, it supports any embedded video content, not just vodpod, and you don't have to have a vodpod account.

  22. I would very much like to add my support for Veoh!

    Now as to why: Veoh offers BETTER video quality than Youtube! Just comparing the two it's easy to spot the difference. As far as I know, Youtube uses a much higher compression than Veoh, so for people who upload videos and want to show them in the best quality, Veoh is definitely one of the best choices, so support for Veoh embedding would be fantastic!

  23. Some of the other video sites are growing and they are starting to catch up with YouTube. Yahoo Video has become a very god place to search. They search numerous sites besides their own. I found a few scoops there. I haven't been able to find the command "sort by date of upload" though.

    Yahoo is also a future candidate. It seems they have more US-users than YouTube? I found quite a few tv-clips there that YouTube didn't have. Access to American tv is a bit difficult when you sit in Europe. Only a few channels are available. :-D

  24. I can confirm the new vodpod/wordpress extension (mentioned by pipsqueak4) works for Veoh! :) Although you do have to 'publish' the post first (maybe best to do it as a draft in the future?) you can edit the post later to re-position the video/add more detail etc.

    @universalgeni: Thanks! I'll check out Yahoo!videos soon too :)

  25. I'll throw my support too. Veoh is one of the biggest video sites with millions of users. No reason why we should not allow veoh plugin.

  26. Did you see the post right above yours? We already have support for Veoh.

    Why take the time and energy to duplicate it?

  27. I'm afraid that vodpod doesn't work for Veoh any more. It did a week ago but now it doesn't and I don't know why. However, even when it worked, it was rather complicated (you couldn't click on it to get to the source etc.). I prefer to have direct support for Veoh here.

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