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"Verbatim posters", people who repost your stuff. Opinions?

  1. Are you familiar with the concept of people who repost blog posts of other people, verbatim, giving credit on top of the post? I've lately had it happen but I also see entire blogs dedicated to reposting other's blogposts.
    Has this happened to you? Do you feel flattered because you get the link, or do you feel unhappy because someone's basically stealing your content, even thought they give you credit?
    I haven't made my mind up about this, I was very surprised to find blogs like this actually. I'm curious to hear your opinion!

  2. Every time I post soem lowlife steals my content so they can make money off of it. Do I like this? NO! Am I flattered to receive the links from content thieves? No!

    IMHO if you or other bloggers want to write an opinion piece on this subject then the place to do that is on your blog.

    Best wishes and BTW here's your ready made research.

    There are actions that can be taken.
    Digital Millennium Copyright Act
    Automattic's DMCA information is here:
    know your online rights

  3. Huh, there's a lot of info on it, isn't there. I guess I'm just a little behind XD Thank you for the links, I'll read through them!
    Frankly, so far I'm not really bothered, since I'm not making money and neither are my verbatim posters, but I understand when it's a big site that makes money off ads, while using you're writing. That's just wrong :(

  4. Most of those ad-covered blogs are quite small, and will never approach the readership a real blog has. It slaughters my hopes for the internet when a place like BoingBoing, that should know better, consistently links to a site that steals content, but that's the ONLY way they'll ever outrank a real blog.

  5. @19thcentury
    Raincoaster has stated the situation very well. And, you now have enough information to write multiple blog posts on the subject, or not. Happy blogging :)

  6. Thanks, you too :)

  7. You're welcome. :)

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