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    What exactly do I put in the box under Tools etc for this to be verified…
    Here is the code from Webmaster Tools.

    1. Download this HTML verification file. [googlee96b7f2a06e2e765.html]

    2. Upload the file to

    3. Confirm successful upload by visiting in your browser.

    4. Click Verify below.

    It won’t verify for me… Thanks

    The blog I need help with is


    Neri, this support document explains how to verify your site with the major search engines.


    I am using this, but everything I put in the box does not verify. I have the code, and have copied and pasted just the bit between the ‘ and ‘. Is this right? I verify websites all the time, but can’t get this to work.

    I just need the exact bit I am adding into that box section from what I have in my above question.


    Neri, I would suggest waiting for a while and then try it again. Leave the window with the google page open and logged in so you do not have to regenerate another code. I’ve seen times when I’ve been trying to verify sites with Google and I’ve had to try several times over a day before I could get it verified. The Google servers sometimes get loaded and their queues get stacked up (what I think is happening) and it just takes a while for them to get caught up.


    Yeah ok, so I am just putting in the code between the ‘ and ‘ though?


    Yes, that is right, just the stuff between the ‘ and ‘ . Hopefully it will work for you in a little while. Fingers crossed. :)


    was using the wrong verification method and pasting the wrong line… duh – all good now thanks.


    Glad you got it sorted out, and we all do a duh from time to time. :)

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