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    I have three blogs and I have all three verified with Google, Yahoo & Bing. Google and Yahoo each gave a different verification or code (or whatever it’s called) for each blog which I entered and verified. Bing gave the same verification code for each blog. I realize this is probably because it’s tied to my main blog — I only have one account but three blogs.

    Here’s my question. I don’t want it to mess with my main blog that I spend more time on. Will it be confusing for Bing to keep the blogs separate simply because they only provided one verification number for all three blogs? If that’s the case, I do not mind removing the verification on the to sub blogs. If anyone has experience with this and happens to know the answer, that would be great.

    Here are my blogs if it is needed to answer this question. (that’s my main blog)

    Thanks in advance if anyone has an answer.

    The blog I need help with is



    should read “two” sub blogs (not “to: sub blogs)

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