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Verify ownership in google gmail to set up email

  1. Hi there, I am new here. I am at the page in google to verify my webpage. It needs me to add a meta tag to my site or upload a html file to my site

    Copy the meta tag below, and paste it into your site's home page. It should go in the <head> section, before the first <body> section.
    <meta name="google-site-verification" content="pdOVs53SwkYq6owmhFFfnWmGgzyGnFd6-R6JFQBi1RY" />


    Recommended: HTML file upload
    Upload an HTML file to your site.
    1. Download this HTML verification file. [google891c50ecd1eee731.html]
    2. Upload the file to
    3. Confirm successful upload by visiting in your browser.
    4. Click Verify below.
    To stay verified, don't remove the HTML file, even after verification succeeds.

    How can I do this? Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You must use this process and no other one for verifying blog ownership of a free hosted blog >

  3. Thank you! I have verified and it is successful. However my google email is still not working. Is it normal?


  4. I'm glad to here the verification went well. I can't help with your Google email. Here's the link for gmail help

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