Verifying authorship to Google Plus

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    this is a slight update/duplicate of an earlier post – sorry but it is different

    I have added this html to a widget on my right hand bar and it seems to accept it ie no code is stripped out for once :-)

    Does anyone have any experience of this as a way to successfully verify authorship to Google AND then to get your image next to blog posts that show on google search results??

    +Verity du Sautoy

    in case it is shown as a link this is the meat of the link that the a in <> surrounds:

    href=””>+Verity du Sautoy

    The blog I need help with is



    On your Google+ you need to go to your About section and scroll to your Links. Edit your profile and input the WP blog you contribute to and your picture should show up. I know it showed up on mine at However, it doesn’t show up on another blog that I manage.

    I think it might also depend on the theme you have in place too. You should also make sure that you have Google Analytics embedded in the code too.

    I didn’t mess with coding, I just did it straight through G+. Here’s a great article on it:

    I hope this helps for you. Good luck.



    Wait are you using a WordPress .ORG OR .COM site?


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    That article refers to and is not useful for blogs. We cannot use Google Analytics here.

    Please read about the different sorts of wordpress:
    Your advice would be helpful in the forums:



    So can anyone provide help on the question!! for please?

    it seems to sort of work (my code above) but it seems to not always display in Google and also seems not to work for more than one author. This presumably is because my ‘solution’ is not done on a per-post basis but rather on the right hand bar…ie site-wide basis. It seems that just the first one listed In the bar works (I cold be wrong).

    Also there appears to be a directly related issue recognising (multiple-) authorship and who the publisher is.

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