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verifying pinterest

  1. when I try to verify my blog in the pinterest site I get a error that says
    "Trouble verifying your domain. Please try again later." Don't know what else to do. Can anyone help? :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Is this the guide you followed?

    NOTE: You must be logged in as Admin under the exact same username account that registered the blog.

  3. I had not seen that guide in my search but thank you soooo much for all your help. I was able to verify it!! YAY!

  4. parttimeparisienne

    I am having the same problem with Pinterest and followed the guide. I've had other issues with my WordPress site being verified on other sites, like Technorati. I have a unique URL (, which I purchased through WP and not sure if that's the issue or not. I noticed that after I pointed my blog to the unique URL, I now have 2 identical blogs, one populated with content under the new URL and one empty with the old URL. Wonder if that is creating verification issues. Anyone?

  5. I noticed that after I pointed my blog to the unique URL, I now have 2 identical blogs, one populated with content under the new URL and one empty with the old URL.

    I think your blog maybe caught up in a glitch Staff are fixing. Please do not panic and do not delete anything. There's an issue with blogs being duplicated that Staff are aware of and will help with. I have tagged this thread for their attention. Subscribe to thread and wait patiently for Staff to assist please.

  6. @parttimeparisienne you have two blogs. and . Could you please explain in more detail what error message you get when you encounter your issue?

  7. parttimeparisienne

    the blog in question is (FYI, I bought the URL from WP for this blog, which is what I used when I attempted to verify). When I try to verify ownership of the blog on Pinterest, I get an this error message: "Trouble verifying your domain. Please try again later." I have followed the steps for Pinterest as specified by WP (, but it doesn't work. I've tried several times in different ways over a few days. I also had issues verifying my site on Technorati, so don't think it's a Pinterest issue. I don't seem to have these issues with another blog I have hosted on,, so wonder if there is an issue with the way is set up?

  8. I see. What happens when you try to verify using your domain instead?

  9. parttimeparisienne

    Same problem. Plus, I don't want that domain in a public-facing environment. I'm trying to get traction.

  10. Just to be sure, did you get stuck at step 4 of this guide?

    When following step 3, make sure you enter your site without http://

    I was just able to verify your site on Pinterest and get a Meta Tag. Please give it another try. Looking forward to your reply.

  11. parttimeparisienne

    No I didn't get stuck; I went through the entire process. I tried it again without the http:// (I've done that before, too) and got the same error message: "Trouble verifying your domain. Please try again later." Then, I just clicked the verify button again and it said: "Whoops! Domain Already Verified." Frustrating. Meanwhile, Pinterest is asking for my to add the http:// in order to create the active link on my profile. Bewildered.

  12. I see you've correctly entered the verification code at

    We ran a few tests and we were able to verify the domain. Make sure you enter the domain in this format:

    If you get any issues, refresh the page and check to see if it's verified.

  13. parttimeparisienne

    We're all good. Thank you so much for your time and care. You guys are awesome!

  14. Yay :)

    Please let us know if you need any further assistance!

  15. Hi, been trying to verify my pinterest as well. any assistance would be great. I have tried all the options listed above to no avail. Thank you.

  16. @stricklypaper You've reached support for the free blogs hosted at The site you've indicated is running a self-hosted/installed version of WordPress (using the free software).

    To clear up any confusion, and are two different entities. You can read more about that here: has complete support and documentation sites for self-hosted/installed versions of WordPress at:

  17. Hi there,

    I am having the same trouble as others in this feed. I can't seem to verify my blog on Pinterest. I have followed the instructions listed here to no avail. Help please!

  18. I should have mentioned, my blog is

  19. @shalinisookar You have a manual redirect on your domain pointing to your site. You need a Domain Mapping upgrade to fully cover the address so it does a proper redirection. To map a domain you already own to your blog, you will need to purchase the Domain Mapping upgrade. You can find this upgrade by going to Store -> Domains on your blog's dashboard and follow the steps there.

    Please find additional instructions for mapping your domain here:

    After this you can try verifying at Pinterest again. If you don't want to purchase the domain mapping upgrade, then you can verify at Pinterest using your address ( instead.

  20. Thanks for the help! I managed to verify, whoo-hoo!!!

  21. Awesome!

    Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

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