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    Having created my website I understood it would help visibility if I verified it to Google. Fiollowing their instructions I have uploaded a page which they recognise and have verified. You can see it listed at the bottom of my left sidebar – which is the problem. Obviously I would like it to disappear from the navigation, so I tried to set visibility to ‘private’, but this failed to verify and Google said it had to be public for it to be verified. Having verified, I have now asked them whether I can hide the link,and they say “Go to Presentation > Widgets in your Admin panel and you can edit which pages are displayed (or not) in your navigation.” Are they right? – I can’t see how to do this. Alternatively, now that I have verified, can i simply make it Private again, or will that ‘un-verify’ the site?

    The blog I need help with is


    It’s now appearance > widgets, but yes you can exclude pages from the pages widget. If you go to pages > edit, and hover your mouse over the google page name and look at the bottom status bar in your browser, the last digit (or two digits) is the page id number. Note that number and then go to appearance > widgets, click the “edit” link on the pages widget and then put the id number of the page into the “exclude” field, click the “done” button and then click the “save changes” button.


    Thanks, that’s done it!


    You’re very welcome.

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