Verifying with Google Webmaster tools?

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    I know that WordPress just changed how this is done, however, the instructions are not explicit:

    On step 6 of the following page, it says to “Open the Tools Page and paste the code in the appropriate field.” I don’t see a field on my “Tools” page. Could you be more specific?


    The blog I need help with is


    See this other thread that is currently on the main forum page: . Google changed things and at this time wordpress.COM bloggers are out of luck on verification.

    It isn’t really needed though since wordpress automatically pings all the major search engines and services whenever you publish a post.


    Actually I should have looked at the link. It appears as if wordpress is working on a solution, but apparently it is not implemented yet.

    Try checking back at the tools page every once in a while till that section appears.



    I’m trying to get emails from my domain ( and the only way I can do it, according to these instructions: is through verification on Google Webmaster tools for domain mapping (see here:…do you have any other suggestions as to how I can go about getting emails from my domain, without using Google Webmaster tools?



    I saw that they were going to update this, however this link was updated today.


    If they updated the support document today, then I expect sometime today the code for the tools menu will be rolled out. They may be doing some last minute fine-tuning or testing on it.

    With a mapped domain the only way to have email on that domain is by using google MX as outlined in the support document you reference.



    Great, thanks!



    The fields for entering the google verification meta tags are not editable on my domain for some reason. The domain is

    Please note that I am doing this within the Tools/Webmaster Tools Verification section.



    Wow, please disregard my previous post, I just finished viewing the page source to that page and saw that the fields are in fact there! They just appear ‘invisible’ on my screen for some reason. It is an LCD screen.

    Next, I checked on a regular ‘tube’ monitor and the fields appear just fine. Please disregard, and thank you.

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