Verifying WordPress domain for Google apps

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    Hi, I’m trying to marry together my wordpress site with Google Apps, so that I can receive e-mail directed @ my wordpress domain.

    I’ve been through the steps within wordpress to configure google as my email provider. However, when I go into Google Apps, it’s telling me “You still need to verify ownership of”.

    From what I’ve read, the steps google suggests about uploading an html file won’t work for WordPress. Rather, I need to provide a verification code within the ‘Edit DNS’ section of WordPress under Domains.

    And in fact I do see this entry under my ‘Custom DNS Records’

    TXT google-site-verification=dlHasllhZJyFelUT_K8pWApadc64nBRWQ… (etc)

    Is there something more that I need to do? It’s been two days and still Google Apps says it’s not verified.

    I read another link on this forum about using Google Webmaster tools to verify. But guess what! Before I even did anything, it says

    E-mail is not going through to my domain name, and I’m blocked from doing anything in google apps (like create a new user) until the site is verified.

    Any advice from anyone who’s managed to accomplish this?

    The blog I need help with is

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