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    I’m currently building an app and it’s crucial to allow blog writers to verify their blog with a meta tag. I’m very curious why only allows 3 services to verify (Pinterest, Bing, and Google).

    Why not add 2 input fields for meta name and meta content with an add button so my app and other apps can verify blogs?

    If this cannot be done by because of a security risk I am not aware of, is it possible to do the following (via oauth & api) assuming it’s a blog with multiple authors:

    1. check if user is the writer he/she claims to be. Note: it has to be the name in the rss feed.
    2. check if user is the owner of the blog.

    Thank you,




    Does anyone know the answer or someone else that could help?


    Well only offers the three services, because they have limited control for users to their sites meta-data. Maybe that’s for security reasons, I don’t know, but they have obviously made a decision to only allow these three sources of meta content (though they may add something in the future).

    There are other ways to verify ownership of a site, like for example asking them to put the claim code in the top of a post (which is what Technorati does), and then they can delete it.




    Thank you for your response.

    Could you elaborate? “limited control for users to their sites meta-data”



    Have you researched the difference between and Have you contacted Automattic?



    I know .com is the hosting provider and .org is the open-source platform. For something like inserting a meta tag in the html head, I would assume has control of that.

    I haven’t contacted Automattic. Would that be the best option?



    Anyone that has a WP.ORG install can just paste the code into the Theme in the correct place – the WP.ORG code does not need to be modified, in fact it is greatly advised to NEVER change the WP.ORG code as all the changes need to be added back in for the next upgrade



    Thanks for your response auxclass,

    but I need to verify blogs that are hosted in

    I’ll try contacting Automattic ( and see if they get back to me.



    The best option is researching contact details for They are on the corporate website.



    Hi jcabrra,

    Your best bet is to review the information we make available here:

    From there, if that site doesn’t address your concerns, you are welcome to contact our developers directly using the form here:

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