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Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Versatile Blogger Award:
    See if your Site was listed

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Er, yeah - you are supposed to pass the award on to the people you've nominated for it, but the way to do that is to contact them individually and tell them - usually in a comment in your blog or via a ping. That way you get known to the readers of each blog, and they get known to your readers. That's how blog awards work. Doing it on the forum isn't exactly the way to go...

    but hey, that's just my opinion.

  3. Sorry, that should have read 'usually in a comment in their blog'.

  4. @sonsothunder
    Hi there. absurdoldbird is correct about what's expected. A blog award like this one is a meme and it's technically an acceptable way to get backlinks to your blog, though many established bloggers will not choose to participate in memes More information here > Memes, Friends and Backlinks

  5. Yeah, I've been nominated three times... I'm happy, but I don't think I would put something like that on my site. Don't think my readers (if I have any) want to read it.

  6. So, is being nominated the extent of it? Like a marketing tool to get more subscribers by nominating them?

  7. Awards function in two ways and they are revealed in the post I linked to above. Superficially they are a means of locating blogs to read you would not have otherwise located and making new blogging "friends". But the actual purpose underlying any award meme is to accrue backlinks.

    Links are the currency of the blogopsphere. Backlinks to your blog and posts are an indication of popularity and a factor when it comes to earning page rank. All awards memes involve a badge of some sort and a list of things to publish about in a post of your own. All awards memes require "nominating" other blogs ie. sending them backlinks when you publish the required post. The overall function is similar to a chain letter function.
    Understanding backlinks
    Understanding reciprocal and non-reciprocal links

  8. Setting aside blogger created awards memes, there are also "sponsored" blog memes like Blogger's Choice Awards and in those cases a commercial site sponsoring the meme requires bloggers to enter nominations and votes on their site. That amounts to great traffic for them as the sponsoring sites are all monetized sites and most are PPC (pay per click) sites. A typical example of such a meme is one wherein one can nominate their own blog in a specific category on the sponsored site, and then vote for it every day on the sponsored site, and get all their friends to vote for it too. Note that I have deliberately not posted links and I'm requesting that no one else not post links to any of the commercial sites that sponsor "blogger's awards" into this thread as those types of blogs are not allowed at

  9. Okay- thanks TimeThief- I get it. Still debating if I can come up with a clever enough post of my own to participate and keep the chain going. Also - just to clarify my understanding- a backlink simply means linking to another blog in my posts..?

  10. Backlinks are incoming links to a website. A backlink is created when another site or a blog links back to your site, or a post on it and the value of that backlink is related to the PR ( pagerank) of the site linking back to yours.

    If you participate in the award meme, the blog you get the image from (that nominated your blog) by linking to your blog gets a backlink from you. In addition the blogs that receive the links ie nominations from you also get a backlink.

  11. Okay- thanks again. I read one of your blogs about memes. Is it bad form to not follow the rules exactly- other than doing the backlinks?

  12. I've recieved five 'Versatile Blogger Award' nominations now, and I was considering participating in it, but today have decided not to as I think I'd like to keep my blog space for my stories, rather than use it for the 'real' things that are going on.

    Nonetheless, I appreciate everyone's nominations, so thanks again to everyone... you know who you are :)

  13. That's alright, it's a story blog so it'd look silly if there was a Versatile Award post on there :) You can have one of mine :D

  14. Yay! Thanks Pete :D

  15. @bzirkone

    Is it bad form to not follow the rules exactly- other than doing the backlinks?

    I say: one either accepts the offer as is or takes a pass. However, if you wish you can contact the person who started the meme and ask if variations are okay or not.

  16. Seriously, where do these bots learn to speak English?

  17. @ardpete: they learn in botschool, where else?

    @bzirkone: no, you don't have to follow the rules exactly. It really depends on what you want to achieve from them, if anything.

    I have received so many awards, I've got two right now I'm trying to write a post about, but I find it more and more difficult as I don't have a whole lot of energy and doing these things is pretty energy-consuming. Also, not everyone really wants to put them in their blog so it can be embarrassing for both parties.

    I used to hate them, and did a song and dance whenever I got one, but then I realised that not only do they bring more readers in but they get more readers to other people's blogs so these day I try to look on them in a more altruistic way. However, I won't follow the rules to the letter - I haven't since I started accepting them and I probably never will.

    But I still don't know what I'll be doing for the current two. I've accepted them so I need to so something.

    Some while back I created a blog award myself called the 'No Rules' blog award. It was kind of a protest but a few people actually put it in their blogs!

    Personally, I much prefer to occasionally do a normal post, or include in a normal post, links to people's blogs I like, without going the whole 'awards' route. They're useful but still very artificial.

    On the other hand, I've just put up a 'giveaway' post which, as well as being a sincere gift, is also a kind of publicity device in itself.

  18. Thanks Oldbird.. I have kind of landed on a mix of your advice and that of TimeThief. I will also check out your blog- I may have seen it before but will revisit.

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