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Version of WP that is running?

  1. providencegeeks

    What version of WP is running?
    Going forward, is there a way in the Dashboard to find this information?
    Thank you!

  2. It runs on WordPress MU, but the version # is unknown.

    But I have to ask - why? Who cares it's not as if you can access the files or need to worry about adding updates.

  3. providencegeeks

    thanks, marc.
    i'd like to know so that when i'm reading about WP functionality/bugs, i'll know better how it relates to what i'm running on

  4. The safe bet is they run the lastest ver and wouldn't be surprised to learn they may run a later version than what is available for general download.

    Here is the WordPress MU home page that includes the forum.

  5. always runs at the latest version of MU. DOn't worry about that.

  6. Actually I thought it was a fork of MU since we have some features that Mu doesn't and they have some features that we don't?

    Probably being developed side by side though.


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