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    I am trying to format 3 images all to align right (or left) but have the text wrap around them. I want the 3 images on the same side, on top of each other, and a paragraph of text next to them. When I upload all 3 with align left, it places them next to each other, and if I do “none” alignment, it won’t wrap the text. HTML ignores my <p> or </ br> commands. Is there a way to do this???

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    The simplest is to use an image editor like Picnik or Gimp to combine them all into one big image. You could also place them in a table, but tables are notoriously tricky.

    This is exactly why I center images and put text below.


    The br tag is for a line break and the p tag pair is for a paragraph: none of the two is for extra blank lines. And blank lines isn’t the way to pair images with texts anyway. What you need to do is insert each image at the beginning of the corresponding paragraph, set the alignment of all the images to left (or right), then switch the editor to HTML and paste this after each image/text pair:
    <br style="clear:both;" />
    This code makes the wrap-around effect of a left or right aligned image apply only up to the point you insert the code.

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