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    After I put up my last post, I noticed that partway down, a vertical black line has appeared on the left side. The line continues along the side of the last few posts and then stops. It comes right up to the margin for text and photos but doesn’t quite obstruct anything—just distracts. The last few posts have had a lot of photos, if that might have anything to do with it. It is still there when I log out and log back on. Any ideas?

    The blog I need help with is


    I can see no such line. What I can see is a page that takes too long to load, because you’ve got too many images. You’d better reduce the number of posts per page to only 2 or 3.

    Also, if you don’t want your images to link to the large originals when clicked, you’d better upload downsized copies of them that will fit without the uploader resizing them (this way you get better quality as well: images resized by the uploader lose some color and sharpness).

    And I can see your captioned images being slightly cut off, because what the uploader considers maximum allowed size doesn’t take the caption borders into account. Your captioned images should be 450px wide, not 460.


    Plus, on another issue: categories and tags function in exactly the same way; don’t use the same word or phrase as both a category and a tag.



    pg; Excuse me butting in. Why not use the same word in category and tag, please?


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    You should be using only a total of 10 to 12 categories and tags per post. For example: 5 categories + 5 tags = 10. If you use the same word for categories and tags, then you have effectively cut the number of descriptions of your post in half. In addition, search engines will discount duplications: you will look spammy.


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    Although categories and tags act in the same way in terms of global search, they are different in terms of how you organize your blog. Categories are broad descriptions of your posts’ main topics, while tags are little notes about things of interest in each post.


    Also, they are the same pool of data: if you have the same word as both a tag and a category, you’ll mess things up in case you try to edit the one of the two.


    Thanks for all the information. I will try to make the changes suggested, though I do like having the images linked to the large originals. People can click them and see all the details.


    That’s fine as long as it’s intentional. My second suggestion read “if you don’t want your images to link to the large originals”; I though I’d better make that suggestion just in case you didn’t know you’ve got a choice – happens a lot.



    pg & 1tess; Many thanks for the info.
    s&f; Sorry to intrude!!

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