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vertical pink/white theme name? HELP! PLEASE!

  1. i chose a theme with pink and white vertical stripes when i started my blog. it was perfect for a few pages, but i did not want to force everyone to feel girly on my entire blog, so i searched and found a neutral theme for most blog pages. i have never been able to find the striped pink and white vertical theme again! does anyone know the name of it? it was about a week ago that i found and lost the pink and white stripes theme, and it is a very common theme for chicks to use. any help is extremely appreciated! pink and white stripes were in regular themes, not the downloadable ones.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The search box in the Themes Showcase has a features filter for colors and there are 15 Pink + White Themes

  3. yes, thanks, i tried searching themes. made many attempts with words like pink, stripes, and vertical but never found the theme. i was hoping that someone would know the theme i meant and rescue me! lol! i even checked out random blogs about cooking, fashion, and housewife topics but still couldn't find the theme. it may have been a theme that has different looks like the *brand new day* theme. i am still looking, i will stumble over it somehow! thanks again, i will try to think of different search words to use.

  4. I don't recall any pink and white background themes. What comes to mind is Bueno. Be aware that there are many themes that have customizable backgrounds and you can upload a pink and white striped background image to use on any of them.

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