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Vertical Response with

  1. I am thinking about using a marketing email newsletter service called Vertical Response - and wondering if anyone has ever used this with As in: the newsletter content would be links to the blog.

    I am fairly familiar with - but I don't know much about Vertical Reponse yet. Anyone else tried to go this route? Anyone ever return from it with tales to tell?



  2. H Heather,
    Vertical Response is a plugin that can only be used on WordPress.ORG blogs. There is no FTP access to free hosted WordPress.COM blogs and we cannot install individual plugins into them.

  3. Hi, TT - ! Nice to hear from you. I am not familiar with Vertical Response either as a plugin or in any of its other manifestations. (Clearly it also has other ways of being in which you don't need in order to use it.) So I am starting from utter ignorance here. Or, if you like, innocence...;-) Based on what you say, there is clearly some kind of off the shelf integration via a plugin in a world. Interesting to know. I guess the perspective that's missing for me is the Vertical Response-centric one, re. whether it can point at any old thing, including a "object", even if it isn't a smart one, VR-wise. Guess I'd better study up! (Though it looks like the answer is 'no'.) cheers, H

  4. If you search you will find the plugin for installs here >
    I also visited the site and saw that there is an affiliate program. Beyond that I have no information as to whether it can point at any old thing, including a "object".

  5. thanks. you're ahead of me here...;-) - H

  6. Cheers :)

  7. Hi Heather,

    I'm the social media manager at VR and came across this thread. You can absolutely populate your newsletter with content from your blog and link your readers back to whatever domain, post, or object you choose. We have many customers that are wordpress users (both .com and .org) and use our app to send out newsletters with much success. All emails are created and sent from our dashboard when you log in to your account at so you don't have to worry about any specific WP plugins.

    The widget that timethief linked you to is just a plugin for adding a newsletter signup form to your wordpress site and they are correct that it will only work on .org sites, though I believe there are some workarounds for .com users who want to do this too.

    Your best bet would be to contact our support team if you need specific questions about the app's functionality. The various contact options for them can be found here:

    Hope that helps!


  8. Hi, Ellery - Thanks for your very quick and useful reply! Heather

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