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Vertical scroll bar in editor box on add new post page disappeared

  1. paladinjustice

    Twenty-eleven theme; using IE9

    went to add a new post this afternoon and found that when writing in the white editor box that the text moves up behind the toolbar while the vertical scroll bar in the white editing box no longer appears. The cursor also moves BEHIND the toolbar so that I can't see what I'm typing as I'm typing it.

    made sure 3rd party cookies enabled; cleared browser cache; tried different zoom levels, including 100 percent; installed chrome and found that the same thing happened; tried text and visual views

    no solution from taking these actions

    I also noticed that the "word count" box, which normally stays at the bottom of the editing box now seems to float at the bottom of the screen. the insert media page also used to display two columns of pictures but now just shows a single column

    Now, here's the odd part. When I start the blog in IE compatibility view, which messes up the page view by moving the right hand column down on the home page, i see that the add new post page works as it should.

    The problem is almost like the toolbar buttons of the add new post page are fixed in place, but somehow the editing box is floating around as I scroll up and down the page to add tags and preview posts.

    I've never messed with any of the coding revealed by the IE9 F12 key.

    Did a file or line of HTML or CSS get corrupted?

  2. I have a love hate relationship with this. It's kind of like the new scroll feature on the Mac where a scroll bar is no longer needed but then I'm also weary to change. We shall see if I come to like as time progresses.

  3. Hi there! Let's keep our discussion on the new scrollbar behavior in this main thread:

    I've replied to it as well. Thank you!

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