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Vertical space from image

  1. Hello and sorry for bad english...;-)

    I've just started my blog and inserted an image. Uploaded it from my computer, inserted it, clicked the picture symbol, set the alignment to: left and the vertical and horizontal space to 20. vertical space works fine, horizontal space does NOT work, my writings are directly at the border of the image without space in between. Any help?

    Greetings and thanks in advance


  2. object margings and spacing values are overriden (zeroed) by the CSS of the current theme in use ("Ocean Mist" ver: 1.2-wpcom).

  3. Just add img {margin: 20px} at the bottom of your CSS.

  4. unless the OP have already purchased a CSS upgrade feature, they could go with *inline* style margin attribute. not being the best practice, it's free though. it should be something like:
    <img src="..." style="margin: 10px;" />

  5. @options: That works - thanks a lot!!

  6. that's good, you're welcome.

    thanks for update -- glad to know that works (it appears inline styles now aren't stripped off anymore as they used to be).

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