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    Does anyone know any way to post a page with a vertically split screen? I have an MS Word doc which was composed in columns, resulting in questions on the left, and answers exactly opposite, on the right.

    But when I copy and paste it into the blog page(Even into another Word doc) it ends up with a horizontal split, rather than a vertical split. (Questions above, answers below)

    I need to keep the same vertical split on my blog page as well.




    I have only been able to succeed with posting a table composed in microsoft WORD by putting it into the microsoft Paint program, making it into an image and uploading it. Perhaps others will have better ideas that you can use.



    I thought of that…save it as a jpeg. Pretty convoluted, and I would have to re-compose the document with larger type, since WordPress will only upload so many pixels, and Word won’t let me increase the font size without messing up the formatting…

    I tried an Excel spread sheet too, but I don’t know how to copy it intact .

    It seems strange that something so simple should be so difficult. I”m sure there’s something I’m missing. I looked at Frontpage, but couldn’t find any “Column” feature in the Format menu. And I’m not geeky enough to edit the HTML.





    I feel bad about this not working for you. And I’m hoping that sunburntkamel or engtech or another beloved geek out there will ride in to rescue you.


    alright, this isn’t easy. you’re going to have to do this by hand. you’ll need to use the ‘code’ tab if you’re using the rich text editor.

    there is no copy/paste. you’ll have to build a table. tr stands for ‘table row’. there are two td elements per row.

    <td>question 1</td>
    <td>answer 1</td>
    <td>question 2</td>
    <td>answer 2</td>

    here’s what a table looks like on my blog:

    if you want to try to copy and paste stuff, you can try pasting your post from word into Nvu, and then switch to the ‘source’ tab, and see if it generates a table for you.


    needless to say, it would be much better to simply bold your questions, and/or indent your answers.

    from the faq:
    word is not good for writing blogs.
    there are a ton of excellent blog editors out there. check out:



    Couldn’t you use div tags as well to do this? Might have to add in the CSS upgrade and define them though.



    you could use divs, with the custom CSS upgrade, or with any theme that has columns defined (i don’t know which version of fauna those were added to, but i suspect it was more recent than the one we have here).

    however, you can now use google docs to create your post, and then use their publish feature to send the post to this is what my publish settings look like:



    Ah! Your screenshot is helpful, Adam, and I should’ve done that for you last night. Fine job!

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