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    The demo site is lacking a lot of the post formats mentioned in the introduction. Where’s Audio and Gallery for example?

    Also, the footer needs correcting because it says “Proudly powered by WordPress” with a link to Also there’s a banner in the footer to

    The blog I need help with is




    Thanks for the heads up on the footer! It’s fixed now. We will be showcasing all the post formats soon, too.


    I’m confused…can I add MP3s (audio) to a post or not? How is that done because I don’t see anything that points to such a function under Appearances. I’d appreciate a heads up…And thank you in advance!


    Never mind. Have to have 3rd party access or purchase a program. Waste of my time creating new blogs, expecting Vertigo to be useful with my limited funds. Oh, well. Next theme, then…..



    You can upload audio files using the Space Upgradeā€”see info at

    That is not tied to the theme but to your site, so if you buy the upgrade you can use the files with any theme.


    Thanks for responding, Lance! I found info RE Space which was the “program” I was referring to. Money’s too tight…can’t really afford to be on the internet as it is…so will look into Space Storage when cash flow improves. For now, I’ll have to use my other blog provider and a free Audio/Video upload host (up to 5Gs) that doesn’t require forking over extra cash right now. Thanks again (smiley goes here).


    You can upload audio files to your blog if you have the Space Upgrade, but you don’t need that upgrade to insert audio in your posts: you can upload your mp3s to Fileden or any other free file hosting site that gives direct URLs, and use those URLs with the WP audio player or other players.



    If the theme displays audio and video the same way the Tumblr theme does, I like it. That’s what made me put that theme on my Tumblr in the first place.

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