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Vertigo theme: paragraphs should *NOT* auto-indent

  1. Hi,

    I *really really like* the Vertigo theme, with one caveat: between regular (i.e. non-header, non-quote) paragraphs, there is (1) a blank line and (2) an indent to the second (or non-first) paragraph.

    Stylistically, one should use either blank lines or indents---but not both, is the convention I was taught (with indents being more prevalent in print, and blank lines being more common on the Web).

    Anyway, what I'd really like is a theme option so that I could disable auto-indent of paragraphs if I so chose (and I would so choose), because when I'm composing a blog post I expect the formatting re line-breaks to be preserved, and not moved around horizontally like is the case currently. It's really, actually, pretty annoying to have my text fly toward the right of the page unbidden.

    I know that I could go with a Custom CSS upgrade to fix the issue, but.. this just seems so basic that I thought I'd post the suggestion here, first. :-)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there,

    I'm sorry that it took us so long to respond to your question.

    Combining paragraph margins and text-indent was a conscious design decision to enhance readability on long, and text-heavy posts. It is supposed to add some whitespace to support the meaning of a self-contained paragraph.

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