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    I love the vertigo theme, which I use for my RADIO DEMAGOGUES blog. One interesting feature, sometimes, on some of the headlines for some of the posts, some small graphics – a hand with a gun and what appears to be a CD disc on top of a small book – appear next to the headline characters. They just show up, even though you don’t key them in. I like the look of these very much, but I wouldn’t want them in every headline.

    Two questions:

    1) Does anyone know if users have any control over these graphics? Can you key them in yourself? If not, do they just automatically appear per every so many posts?

    2) Are there any other graphics that appear in HLs for the vertigo theme other than the two that I mentioned?

    This is a great theme. Just want to understand better how it works. Also, is the other graphic a CD disc, or something else?


    Mickey Murphy

    The blog I need help with is


    Can you give us a link to a post or a page where this occurred so that we can take a look?



    Yes, of course. Here you go:


    In the title, did you put parentheses around “Ludicrious” by any chance?


    And I misspelled ludicrous.



    Yes, that is exactly what I did – and forgot doing it. Does the parentheses translate to graphics in WP HLs? Thanks.


    It is a feature of this particular theme and uses what is known as “cufon.” I’ve just started to read up on it. It is kind of cool actually. I’m not sure if there are other special characters that would translate to symbols or whether it is just the parentheses. Perhaps they did something with double quote marks as well.



    You sure know your stuff. Thanks for the info.


    You are welcome and thanks.



    @mickeymurphy and @thesacredpath

    I’m also using Vertigo theme, and I find that those graphics appear every time I use parenthesis “()” in the title. Well, sometimes, it’s annoying, because I don’t want my parenthesis to look like CDs… Have you found any solution for this?


    That is the way the theme is designed and I’m not sure if that can be changed.

    Don’t use any character in a title that triggers one of the symbols or switch to a different theme.



    Oooh! Okay. Thank you for such a quick reply. I guess, I have to live with that weirdness of Vertigo theme. Thanks thesacredpath!! :)


    Yeah, it is a little weird, and you are welcome.

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