very bad DUTCH translation in ALBEO-theme (NL)

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    I don’t know if it’s across the whole but on the ALBEO-theme the DUTCH translation is very terrible. :-(

    Some examples:

    Example 1:
    How do you call a ‘comments’ on a post in English?
    It’s called a comment (just like the word says)
    And the RSS-feed is also named ‘Comments RSS’

    In Dutch however:
    Comments are normally translated as: ‘Reacties’
    But the RSS-feed on top shows: ‘Opmerkingen’ (which could be translated as: Remarks) and the SAME RSS-feed in the widget is named ‘Reacties RSS’
    And if your post got ONE comment; it’s getting translated as: ‘1 Commentaar’ (which could be translated as: 1 Comment)

    Conclusion: Four (yes, 4) different translations have been used for ONE word.

    Example 2:
    Each post can be categorized in different category’s (again just like the word itself)
    And each post can be given different ‘TAGS’

    In Dutch however:
    ‘TAGS’ are translated as ‘categorie’ (which as probably could read, is translated as ‘Category’)

    So i don’t know what went wrong, but it seem that some words have been put tru a auto-translater to many times.
    Even the simple words like TAGS are translated. We (in Dutch) use English words in our language.
    It’s not like the French guys who even have another word for something like e-mail or computer.

    And yes, I would like to help, to set something straight. (and give a good Dutch translation)

    The blog I need help with is



    Good morning,

    the translations are all done by volunteers. Have you had a look at the translation project yet?



    I visited and now I see where the faulty translations come from.

    It just translates some words or sentence.
    There is no given context. (preview or screenshot)

    And who does the quality check on the translations?
    In Dutch: TAG = Category (that ain’t right)



    I believe the quality check is done by wordpress staff, but I am not sure.

    Maybe another volunteer knows more?

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