Very Confused: 2 Questions related to Pages & Updates

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    Hi everyone,

    My blog is still really new, and I’ve been working on a ‘about me’ page to start off. Problem is, I want to create this page as a separate page that I can link to the main page, much like you have an about section on a website, and you link it to a main page. Now, on a website, you just upload the page and use HTML to link it back to the main page, but I don’t know how to link my ‘about me’ page to the main page.

    Second question, everytime I try to change my sidebar by adding new widgets, when I go to the edit widgets page, the new widgets I’ve placed in the sidebar show up, but even after saving it numerous times, those new widgets don’t show up when I go to view my main page. The same issue arises each time I create and save a new category, which shows up when I go to edit the category, but not on the main page of the site. My updates keep disappearing, and I don’t know why.

    Any suggestions for two problems currently driving me insane?


    Is this the blog you are talking about ?

    Categories will only show up in the sidebar after at least one post has been assigned to them, and you do not have any posts yet, and have deleted the sample hello world post.

    Since the theme you are using does not have top navigation buttons, you need to put the pages widget in your sidebar to allow navigation. When you do, your about page, if you have published it, will show up there.

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