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VERY few hits on homepage/archive in comparison to numbers for my posts.

  1. My homepage/archive hits are way down in proportion to the hits I receive on my posts. This has only started in the last several days and makes no sense to me. Any thoughts on what might be going on?
    Blog url:

  2. That's perfectly normal. It means that search engines are ranking some of your posts higher and more people are going to them.

  3. Does you blog have infinite scrolling or do the readers have to click on 'older posts' at the bottom of each page? Perhaps before they were clicking to see more posts and now they are just scrolling down to read them?

  4. I have no idea what I have.....Thank you.

  5. @m5son
    Yes your blog theme Twenty Eleven does have infinite scrolling and I think metan1 may be onto what's happening. Staff have bee introducing "infinite scroll" to some themes and will be implementing it on all themes that have a suitable structure for infinite scroll.
    To disable infinte scroll see here >

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