Very Slow Blog and paging issues!

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    Please help!

    My blog loads slowly and seems to be loading a lot of data – apparently 8mb!!! I’ve got embedded videos and audio players in there, but have removed a lot of them and this hasn’t speeded it up. Often, my macbook can’t load the blog, and a number of other people have reported the same thing (some even saying it crashes their browser!).

    Would archiving help? I’ve changed the ‘reading’ settings so that only my 3 latest posts are shown, but all my blog posts still appear on the main page.

    Please advise!
    Thanks in anticipation

    The blog I need help with is




    It looks like you might have made all the Posts “Sticky” that will override the normal settings for the maximum number of Posts on the front page – un-stick the sticky Posts and things should get better.

    The recent record for Sticky Posts is I think 361.



    Despite the fact you have over 40 posts displaying on your front page rather than 6- 8 posts the blog loaded quite quickly for me.
    1. Reduce the number of posts appearing on your front page here > Settings > reading.

    2. Consider using “the more” tag so only beginnings of posts appear on the front page and reader click a “read more” link to read the full post on it’s owe page. Note: as you have many embeds inserting the “read more” tag prior to the video embeds so they appear only on the page displaying the full post.

    3. Other strategies for reducing par loading time are found in this post. >

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