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Very slow, saving or previewing post often results in "Something went wrong."

  1. My blog feels like it is running very slow today and I'm having issues simply saving posts and am no longer able to preview posts.

    When I save/update (save draft) a post I get the "Goshdarnit! Something has gone wrong with our servers. It’s probably Matt’s fault." The content is usually saved but I have to reopen my post. Previewing posts result in same issue.

    I've read the following support documents and have followed the recommendations,

    I don't see large amounts of others complaining in support forum. Could this be relatively isolated? The problem was first observed this morning and is still occurring.

    I've recently performed an import from a self hosted wordpress blog to

    I'm using Google Chrome Version 20.0.1132.47 on OS X 10.6.8


    The blog I need help with is

  2. As Volunteers cannot deal with server issues, this thread has been flagged for Staff attention. Please be patient while waiting.

  3. I can't see anything that would be causing the issue. Is it just one specific draft, or all draft posts?

    Also, do you have access to any other computer you could check from?

  4. i have been having the same problem with slowness, even this morning (July 2).

  5. It is with all of my posts. Most preview attempts result in the following error.


    Something has gone wrong with our servers. It’s probably Matt’s fault.

    We’ve just been notified of the problem.

    Hopefully this should be fixed ASAP, so kindly reload in a minute and things should be back to normal.

    Occasionally a preview attempt will be successful but it takes minutes to load. Saving drafts after making updates also takes an unusual amount of time.

    I first observed this problem on two computers.

    This problem was first observed July 1 AM. I did remove and add a user with same user name. Don't know if that could have caused some oddness.

    Your help is much appreciated. The service is not really usable under these conditions.


  6. I created a new blog using my same account and it doesn't have this same reported problem.

    So works fine but suffers from the above described problem.


  7. I have another update to this problem.

    This problem only seems to be effecting only the user paretech and not the user mpare.

    To reword, the user mpare can preview drafts without issue. Things are fast and responsive.


  8. I don't think my previous statement about which users are effected is all too accurate. There seems to be some inconsistency in if a single user performs better than any other user. As such I would try not to focus much on my previous post.


  9. So, the user mpare can preview and save posts on without issue?

  10. It at first appeared to be that way but after using that user for several minutes I found it to be inconsistent.

    One user or the other does seem to have superior performance until saving the draft by the opposite user.

    I don't feel like I have narrowed down the relationship well enough to say anything about user performance with with great confidence. Regardless I am still receiving the "Goshdarnit" error message frequently.

    On the other hand, the new blog I created earlier ( appears to be performing well. I will do more testing on that end to confirm.

  11. Hm, ok. I'm trying to narrow this down so we can fix it.

    Are you suggesting that maybe it only happens on posts initially saved by paretech?

  12. Perhaps, but maybe more intricate.

    Say that mpare is editing the draft post "tractor cob" and then performs a "save draft." mpare will then experience a long delay for "save draft" to finish. If mpare then tries hitting preview, mpare experiences long delay and likely the "garshdarn" error. To test paretech account mpare logs out.

    paretech logs in and navigates to the draft post "tractor cob" for editing. paretech notices a banner message at top of screen stating that mpare is editing the post. If paretech previews the post before performing a "save draft" then preview loads instantly. If paretech performs a "save draft" the operation takes a long time or results in "garshdarn" error. If paretech then tries to "preview" the operation takes a very long time (minutes) or produces the "garshdarn" error.

    The inverse might be true...

    Discouraged paretech logs out and attempts trying with mpare. Things seem well until mpare performs a "save draft."

    It's hard for me to isolate exactly. I'm still working on it to find something more definitive.

    Thank you for working with on me, it's very odd.


  13. Ok, I'm going to give this a shot myself. Do you have a Draft post that you wouldn't mind me editing?

  14. You may edit "tractor cob," post 273.

    I don't know that the scenario I outlined before is 100% right but by performing it you should experience my issue.


  15. Wow, you weren't kidding. Ok, I definitely see the problem, I still can't reproduce it from my own account, but at least I have something.

    Please hang in there while we look into this.

  16. Awesome! Thank you so much!


  17. radiusofasquare

    When I try to Bulk edit my tags.. It shows:


    Something has gone wrong with our servers. It’s probably Matt’s fault.

    We’ve just been notified of the problem.

    Hopefully this should be fixed ASAP, so kindly reload in a minute and things should be back to normal.

    Why does that keep happening?
    FYI, I have 400+ posts and I sometimes have to edit the tags of all of them at once.. Ok 400 is a problem, Then why does it show the same error for 100 posts? You mean I have to edit my posts individually? That would be a task..

  18. this is really frustrating and it's still happening. i have been trying to post to my blog this morning (Tuesday, July 3) and it keeps stalling.

    seriously, what's going on? i am on the verge of finding another platform to blog on.

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