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Very slow typing and slow Dashboard

  1. I can't find the publicize text box, where's it?

    Another problem with visual-editor. When I scroll up the window from bottom, I get some lag while tools-bar of visual-editor it's being showed. Also, that tool-bar takes more time to load than the rest of interface.

  2. The Publish module is very important because it’s where you save your pages or posts, publish them, and preview changes. The module will change depending on the status of your page or post. Here is the illustration of the default Publish module:

  3. Ok, the default editing screen :P

    Also, I have same problems with the visual-editor at "new page" window.

  4. Another discovery, I found that if I scroll down the page until the toolbar of visual-editor it's hidden, I can write withouth any lag. Being more specific, the less of toolbar size it's showed (with "kitchen sink" showed or not), the most fast you can write/delete.

    Can someone test this?

    That makes me think that the problem it's related about some kind of render problem with toolbar at the whole page (see some post ago that I get some scroll-stuck when I was scrolling and toolbar being showed at page).

  5. lifeonthecutoff

    I, too, have been having similar problems using Safari.

    I have never had any problems with wordpress before. Typing, replying to my own comments and commenting on other wordpress blogs.

    Some of my readers have emailed me to say that they are having problems leaving comments as well from their computers. Earlier today, it took me at least 15 minutes to leave a response. I do have an older computer, however, never any problems until the method of leaving comments was changed.

  6. The problem still remains at Firefox 5.0...
    Some solution?

  7. It's actually an issue with TinyMCE (the third-party component user for the Visual editor), so its more of an issue for the core WordPress software, and it's currently under review.

    If you'd like, you can follow along via

  8. anathematized1

    I checked out that log that you linked to macmanx. I thought I might provide some more useful information.

    I too noticed a lag when using the current version of Firefox (5.0). All the things that were previously mentioned have been tried (properly) and still to no avail. I, like the previous users, am running Windows 7 (I don't know about them, but I have the Home Premium x64 version). I wouldn't totally write it off as a bug to TinMCE though without some further investigation. You see, for some reason, many people who now have Windows 7 tend to have sporadic "DNS server connection" issues, issues that nobody (even super tech guys) can figure out why it's happening or how to fix it. Personally, I would think that if it was a problem with TinyMCE, that a broader range of users, if not all, would experience these problems, though if you guys detected significant lag on a beastly machine, then maybe whatever is the problem with Windows 7 is exacerbating the problem with TinyMCE?

    I don't know though, I'm smarter than the average Joe when it comes to computers/hardware/software/the Internet, but I don't really know enough to say any of that for certain, I'm just working on normal real-world logic (which I know often does not apply to computers, as I learned via LSL scripting -_-*)

    Now, backspacing and scrolling are not the only issues for me. I do have those, but there are others:

    When I click on a post to edit it (from the dashboard), it loads extremely slow.
    Clicking Update or Post causes extreme lag and really long loading times.

    I also clicked the "Add Audio" button one a post and it took it forever to load the "pop-up." I closed it, but clicking "Add Audio" or "Add Video" or any of those set of buttons, it loads instantly. However, even if I've been on the same post, I click update or save, and it loads forever, even if I've not navigated away from the page.

    I don't know if any of that helps, but at least you guys have gotten to the root of the problem (hopefully?).

  9. anathematized1

    Aside from just the Dashboard page and any related sub-pages, seems to run as fast as it should.

  10. I use a add on fore Firefox it is called "user agent switcher" because my yahoo mail does not work with the latest version. But i discover that you can solve the problem if you update you browser to FF or update explorer, well give it a try

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