Very, very slow loading of pages lately

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    All my WP blogs are loading very slowly right now. Is this a site problem, or mine? I don’t have this problem on other sites…occasionally on Blogger, but we know that’s a site problem.

    If it’s a site problem, is there some setting I can use to overcome it, or just be patient (very difficult for me)?

    The blog I need help with is



    I am not experiencing any delay when it comes to page loading times on, and we cannot check your page loading time until you post the complete url for your blog starting with http://

    If you wish you can use free online checkers to establish the actual loading time of your blogs. Here are two of them and

    If you wish to reduce the page loading time on your own blogs then you will fins several strategies for accomplishing that in this post


    Staff will give you an independent indication of whether or not the web server is slow. If you subscribe to the RSS feed at the top of that page you’ll see a graph of its speed over time.

    However that’s measuring only the response time of the server, not the total load time of the page with all of its images, scripts and so on – you’ll need more advanced tools for that, such as the ones timethief suggested.



    The problem seems to be only with Firefox, not IE. I have Adblock Plus, but even with that disabled, it loads terribly slow. The adblocker on IE7 does not seems to bother it.



    Try installing Firebug:

    It has a network activity feature that will help you to find exactly what is slowing down the page.


    @greenlasagna, you need to look over the W3C XHTML validation report for your blog main page. It is reporting 65 errors and many of those have to do apparently with misuse of HTML tags for fonts, sizes and such. Every such error causes a browser to pause and try to figure out exactly what you meant so that it can try to display the page the way you intended. A lot of the HTML tags that are being used in your blog for font-face, size and such are not valid when used in an XHTML document, and wordpress is XHTML.



    I don’t use special fonts on my blog, so I don’t see how it’s reporting errors. I only type in whatever font is default.



    pretty fast here, 2.38 secs with firebug

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