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    Hello, soldiers! Could you help me out on a CSS thing? I got the upgrade and have managed to change some things and have some other changes still to go, but there are three things that are really bugging me and I can’t seem to change them. I think it might be because I don’t know what they are called.

    First, there’s the two white boxes in the header on either side of the image. I want to make them the same khaki color as is everywhere else.

    Second, there’s the two ugly grey ‘margins’ left and right. I don’t know what they’re called. I’m pretty sure it’s not sidebars because I’ve changed every color mentioned in the code in the headings ‘sidebar’ and it doesn’t affect them at all. (That’s how I ‘do things’ in CSS, by substituting, because I don’t know how to write CSS so I have to learn it, but learning as if I were going to do it all the time is not smart because I won’t be doing it at all besides for this one little site and I ought to be using my time to work on the short stories on the blog instead. So I found this way of substituting values in elements I do recognize like font and size and strong and especially the colors, and it works– except when it doesn’t, like now.) Anyway I’m not sure what color I want to make them, a light blue or green from the image, in case that helps you conceptualize it. But the grey is driving me crazy, it doesn’t go at all!

    The third thing isn’t about CSS, but I sure would appreciate the feedback. I’ve used that khaki color as the background for the action stories that appear after the initial post. Is it too dark a background? Make it harder to read than if it were lighter? I could lighten it up pretty easily but if it’s okay to read, I like the color.

    Thanks very much, if you have a minute to help me out with One, Two, or Three!

    The blog I need help with is


    Oops, it’s in

    Funny, the form gave me a dialogue box to select my second blogsite, the one above, but it didn’t ‘take’ and linked my name to my first blog. Hmmm.




    The white border around the image is part of the image so you need to change it in the image or, alternatively, crop it and then set a new background colour.



    Thanks, Luke, but actually it isn’t part of the image unless the crop box for the image is inaccurate as it shows up on the screen where you crop it. Because there isn’t any white part around it on that screen. But I will upload and crop it again and see what happens.



    It’s definitely the image. Paste this into your code to see that the background is fine when the image is removed:

    #header {background-image:none!important;}

    For the second request I think you want to change the actual page background colour so try:

    body {background-color:#B4B2A6!important;}

    but just in case you were talking about the skinny borders on the left and right you can remove them with:

    #wrap {border:none!important;}



    Luke, that body back-ground color wording worked great! It’s a relief not to have those ugly grey strips running down the side (maybe more annoying on the too-big monitor my kids got me for Christmas).

    I haven’t been able to get the image to work, though. It doesn’t show any white border when I upload and crop it, but then on the page it does. At least now I know it’s the image, though, and will keep working on it.

    Thank you very much for your attention to my problem! Appreciate it!

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