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Victim of crime

  1. I was involved in an armed robbery! I'm looking at having a discussion about it to keep my mind reading what others say about this

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Were you the perpetrator or the victim?

  3. Why don't you post your thoughts on your blog? Then people will offer comments.

  4. I left a comment on her blog but it doesn't appear to have registered for some reason. When I tried to paste my original comment I got a "Duplicate Message" message. Go figure!

  5. @jessie - the duplicate message usually appears if you try to post a comment again too quickly after you did a previous one.

    @ladybeetle84 - sorry about your experience. But one thing you should know about blogging about anything here on wordpress or anywhere else is you've got to find a readership first before a discussion can begin in your blog. The best way to do that is to get interested in other people's blogs and comment in them, then people will click on your username out of curiousity and look at your blog.

    It might help you too if you start your own topic on the Showcase forum.

    read this first so that you'll know how to use it:

  6. One way to fail to foster conversations is to refuse to approve comments.

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