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  1. Yes, I do have Video Press and enough storage space.
    Some hours ago I successfully downloaded a video onto my blog – a 541mb file. However, for 14 hours my page has been showing “This video is being processed”.
    How much longer is this going to take? It’s after midnight here and I would like to go to bed soon.

  2. Both videos appear to have finished processing. Are you still having trouble?

  3. No it's not there on the blog.
    I've just looked under 'test' (that's where it is) and it still says
    "This video is being processed" - a few days now!


  5. Oh, sorry about that. The file was uploaded in a format that we couldn't transcode.

    Can you export it as any other formats?

    If not, try converting it with and choose the MP4 option.

  6. Sorry. Not good enough.
    The original is a MP4 (.M4V) Video file which, as your download guidelines say, is quite acceptable.
    So what's up?

  7. We were not able to transcode the particular video codec.

    You're more than welcome to try uploading again, as there many have been a problem with the upload stream. If that doesn't work a second time, please try converting the file.

  8. I really don't understand.
    Converting it to what? It already is a MP4 (.M4V) file.

  9. Go have a look at my media library. I've already tried this twice. How many more times do you want me to try it? 20!

  10. Ok, in that case, please use to convert it to that specific MP4 format.

    A video file is more than just a file extension. The file extension is really just the type of container (think of it like a folder), and within is a video track encoded with a certain codec and multiple audio tracks encoded with certain codecs.

    A .m4v is a type of MP4 container, but within that container can be a variety of video and audio codecs, which are really what make up the true format of the video.

    In past issues like this, we have had great luck with Miro's MP4 conversion. Please give that a shot, the converter is completely free to use.

  11. Thank you for the more detailed explanation. This is actually the fourth time I've tried but with a similar file. I'm just very frustrated. I apologise for my earlier sarcasm.

  12. Not a problem. :)

    Please let us know how the converted MP4 from Miro goes.

  13. Well the conversion hasn't moved in 20 minutes. Just sittin' there doin' nuthin'.

  14. Hm, there could be problems with the video file itself then. Can you try re-saving it?

    Also, do you have other formats that you could export it as from your video editor?

  15. Thanks for your help and time but I just can't afford to be playing with this any longer. It's just not going to happen.
    Regards, Lisa

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