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  1. Hi
    Yesterdey I wanted to post video from Youtube. I noticed that the option "Send to Editor" did not worked.
    Do you how to solve this problem?

  2. Sometimes you need to be sure you've copied the url correctly, or if it's still not responsive, refreshing your browser and clearing the cache can help.

    You shouldn't need to use the editor though. All you need is to add [youtube=yourURL] into the editor and it should display just fine. Try that if it happens again.

  3. "Send to editor" will never work on a blog. Please consult the FAQ for instructions on posting videos:

  4. For cjwriter
    Thank you very much.I heve solved the probelm with add youtube in the editor

    For raincoaster
    Till yesterday I was useing "Send to editor" option and it was no problems

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