Video Blog Theme suggestions?

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    the short of it is I want to create a video journal blog, and before i go much further, can anyone offer input as far as themes for this? Can I use any theme? I suspect some will be friendlier for this than others.Chateau is the one i have currently chosen. Also, I am going for free here. I would like to have a place for my videos, as well as written traditional blog posts from time to time. Any other tips are appreciated also, and thanks a ton in advance : )

    The blog I need help with is



    If you want to have a free vlog on, you’ll have to consider where you’ll host your videos. Here you can only upload videos if you have the VideoPress upgrade.

    As far as themes go, while you can insert a video in any site, you may want to check out those that support the video post format


    thank you tons for clearing this up for me – you have been very helpful!

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