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    Im using sundance and have video press and am trying to get it to work but the navigation buttons aren’t showing up (you know previous and next video) you can click on next if you click the right spot but it’s blind. Is it a CSS code i can add in arrow pictures? You can check out my blog to see what i mean- You will be my new best friend if you can figure it out. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is



    I have flagged this thread so it will be moved to the CSS Forum where you can get help with this issue.


    I checked and I can see the navigation buttons for the Sundance theme video carousel shows up properly for me. I see white left and right arrows with a dark turquoise background to the top right of the videos just like is shown on the demo page at

    It’s possible I’m looking at the wrong thing. If you still need help with this, please point me to an example of the navigation you’re referring to.


    The carousel doesn’t even appear to me… I have two video sticky posts and I can’t get the carousel to show up. :(


    @entreauriculares I checked the blog linked to your username and there are no published posts on that blog. Is that the right address? If not, please provide a direct link to the blog you’re working on.


    My bad, yes, that’s the address. I deleted them because I thought it was an issue with the posts, but now it’s working properly. I read in other topic that the staff released a fix, so thanks a lot for that.

    But I have a new question :P

    When I post a video sticky post, they show properly in the carousel. The link to the post and the excerpt, at the right, work perfectly. Now, the carousel shows the video + all the text I wrote. Is there a way for the carousel to only show the YouTube link?

    If you check now, you will see that I have a duplicated post (one with all text and the other one with a shorter excerpt and only the YouTube link).

    Thanks in advice.


    One way to do that would be to use the more tag. Try adding the video and then add a more tag on the next line, then add the rest of the content after that.

    You can add some text to the Excerpt box while editing the post and that text will show up below the title in the video carousel on the front page.

    Don’t forget that posts need to both be set to the Video format as well as a sticky post to show up in the Sundance theme video carousel.


    I’m also using the Sundance theme and trying to get the video carousel to work. My problem is the resolution of the videos after the one on top (latest one posted) gets skewed and looks terrible.

    My blog is I have upgraded to VideoPress. I have three videos posted as sticky posts, video format. They are around 50 MB each. They were all saved as QuickTime movies with the same size settings. (640×480). I have added w=640 h=480 to the shortcode, but it didn’t help.

    Can anyone can help me? I’d REALLY appreciate it. Thank you so much!!!


    I just discovered that the video carousel on my blog works in Chrome and Safari, but not Firefox and IE9. At least I know it wasn’t me!

    If you know how to make an “excerpt” so I can get text into the white box to the right of the video, please let me know.

    Seriously, could the creators of Sundance share a little more information? It would save so much time and frustration….


    @lindseyefrazier, I just tried checking and I don’t see any videos posted there right now. Could you post them again if you’d like me to take a closer look?

    Also, there are theme details and info posted about Sundance at


    @designsimply, thank you for answering me. I got very frustrated with the Sundance theme and chose another one. I also decided to go with self-hosting so that ‘wordpress’ wouldn’t be in the domain name. So I deleted the blog name/site.

    Is it too late to get a refund? It’s been over a week.

    Thanks again for answering me. I appreciate knowing that there is some support out there.


    I’m sorry to hear that! You can request a refund using the “Cancel” link on your Store → My Upgrades page.


    Oh, just saw the updates here. I already tried using the “more” tag…

    You won’t see any video + sticky posts now, but I already created a few, and it wouldn’t work either :(


    I did test that advice before posting it, but maybe we’re not talking about the same thing. Is it possible at all for you to link to a live example showing the problem? If not, is your end goal to add a YouTube video and title only to the Sundance video carousel without any description showing on the right side below the title?



    I am also having issues with the buttons on the Sundance theme showing up. I have posted stickies and they rotate on an invisible button that I only find when I hover over the right area. Please help make this a visible button. Thank you.


    @hontreegiver, please post a link to where we can see this problem happening.


    Member is the site. Thank you!



    I have the following blog
    And my carousel is not working. Instead its just showing the video link. Can you please help me with this?



    All CSS editing is theme specific and this is the CSS editing forum. It does not appear to me that you have the custom design upgrade, so if you do not have that upgrade, and you do not need need CSS editing help, then please start your own thread by using this link >



    My comment was for bestofink.

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